About Us

Saat Phere

“ We share love, share food, share strengths, share tastes. Hold our hands to bring to life all your ambitions true with least bother. We pledge Quality and Hospitality”

A symbol for purity, love, understanding, loyalty, unity and companionship. A pious ceremony that embellishes one’s life once in a lifetime and heralds a new journey in the lives of the couple involved. Continuing this tradition of love and being loved, 7 Phere Caterers is at your service to mark such occasions of your lives and make it immemorial for you. We provide wedding and event coordinating including planning, consulting, managing and providing the best services at your helm. We help your wedding reflect who you are, whether classic, modern, traditional or unconventional. We fulfil all your desires and ambitions of a perfect wedding and vow to carry out your vision with utmost care.Apart from being wedding planners, we are the hosts to a wide array of events including birthday parties, sagai, ladies sangeet, conferences, cocktail, wedding anniversaries, birth celebration, mundan, greh pravesh, corporate events or any type of party having a gathering of as small as 25 persons to any number of persons.


Our professional and meticulous approach ensures the most convenient service with the state of the art facilities like providing bone china crockery, salad counter, fruit counters, chaat stall counters, jaimala stage, bride palki, doli, live DJ and projector, different type of shows like rajasthani dance, punjabi bhangra, puppet shows to serve you best at your doorsteps or the party place finalised.We also have provisions for accommodation required to ensure a comfortable stay for you and your outstation guests. We can even take care of all minute requirements such as security, wallet, parking, kid’s playground and entertainment in the form of DJ, live shehnai, dance troupes etc. We also undertake outstation projects.And above all, we can provide you with a ‘package’ rate which is inclusive of food cost, venue, and all decoration in Meerut to have such an elaborate set-up.